January 1, 2013

Week one of 2013 was a pretty amazing one.  As part of my year of  thankfulness, I am trying to keep track of each and every day, and all the ways I am truly thankful for my life.  Happy New Year everyone!

This year started with my first 5k of the year.  The Egg Nog Jog was held on January 1 at noon and I got to run with my friend Cathy Goevelinger and her friend Melani, Melani’s son Royce, and Melani’s mom.  Here we all are post-race.

Egg Nog Toast to the New Year

This race was on dirt, around the Los Poblanos open space.  It was freezing (actually below freezing) and sunny and all in all a pretty beautiful day.  The Sand Cranes were hanging out in the fields and there were several people out walking their dogs.  This New Year’s Day race has been held for over thirty years here in Albuquerque, and several of the participants were veterans of the Albuquerque running scene.  The final finisher was a ninety year old woman.  So for the first day of the year, I am truly thankful for my healthy body, and for the inspiration of others to help me stay that way.

What is your favorite New Year’s Day memory?


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