January 4, 2013

What a great Friday!  I love my every other Friday off, thanks to an amazing job.  This week, I used my Friday off to run a few errands, go pick up a doggie bed for Saki dog, pick up some gym shorts, and head out to my first session of Hot Yoga with Carley.  The session at Cloud 9 Divine was part of my Christmas gift from Carley, and it was really amazing!  If you haven’t checked out Hot Yoga before, be prepared, they mean hot.  Like 105 – 107 degrees.  

After an hour of working through post-holiday stiffness, I headed home to grab a post workout snack and to see my puppies and my King Edward.  I love coming home to a house full of love like that, even if it can be slightly loud at times.  Its nice when Ed beats me home, too.  It means my family time starts the minute I walk in the door.

Ed and I called my Daddy, so that Ed could thank him for the tin of peanut butter fudge Daddy had sent.  Understand, my Daddy made a entire pan of peanut butter fudge for me to carry home from West Virginia… for Ed.  If you were wondering, no, he has never made me an entire pan of fudge, but I digress.  After Ed thanked Daddy, he handed me back the phone and started playing with the puppies.  Our new puppy is named Duke, after my father, so it can be confusing for Daddy to here Ed yelling “Duke” in the background.

Little Duke

After a few moments, the puppy started his puppy barking, and Ed started laughing and from the other end of the line, I hear my Daddy laughing.  A big, happy, smiling from ear to ear kind of laugh.  Even though I had just left his house a few days ago, it was amazing how strongly the sound of that laugh touched me.  I started laughing along with him and Ed and the sound of little Duke barking. Its amazing how much one moment of sound can fill you with such gratitude.  Today, I am just so grateful for the sound of my Daddy’s laughter.  It has the power to fill me with such a feeling of being loved.


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