January 8, 2013

Busy day at work again today!  One or two emergencies before 8:00 a.m. and a few more throughout the
day.  Nothing your slightly above average administrative super hero can’t handle.

Today I got back into the gym for one of my favorite classes, Sculpt and Strengthen, or as Katie called it, Pain and Suffering.  It amazes me how fast working out changes my mood and how I feel in general.  It was a good class, and even though I wasn’t quite up to it, I am glad I went.

One of my friends from work brought me the most glorious gifts today.  He and his wife took a trip to Indonesia last month and took a class on underwater photography. He brought me a calendar made entirely with his amazing images.  I found myself really wanting to go see these beautiful sights for myself.  How amazing to get to witness an entirely different world through the lens of a camera.

Image by Mike Wanke

Image by Mike Wanke

I am so lucky to get to share these experiences with my friends.  Places and things I would never get to see that are suddenly open to me.  How awesome is that?  What a wonderful thing to be able to be thankful for…


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