January 11, 2013

So, one of the great things about my job is the ability to check in and work from home.  This lets me deal with things like doggie logistics, without having to use up vacation.  Today was a day that I took advantage of that, so that I could come and check the pups without having to have them in all day, or out in the cold.  The dogs were are also happy about my flexible scheduling.

Tonight I had a lot of fun heading out to the the New Mexico Art League to see the artwork my Aunt Patricia had in an juried exhibit.  Regardless of her own opinion, my Aunt Pat is an amazingly gifted artist and one of my favorite humans on this planet.  Aunt Pat had three items in the exhibit, and one of her pieces was judged 2nd overall!  Not too shabby.  My Daddy tried to buy it from her, but she said it wasn’t for sale.

Bryant, by Patricia Courtney

It was a nice event, with the artists in attendance, and right around the corner from the house.  I met a few of the other artists and made sure Moms and Daddy got a picture of the winning piece, via mobile phone.  I am so glad I got to go and support my Aunt for this show.  Even though she assures me it was no big deal and there was no reason for me even to come…. Right, like I was going to miss this for anything!!!!

The artist and her work.

Being close enough to see my Aunties is just one more reason for me to love living in New Mexico!  I will be sure and let you know when her next gallery showing is… and I will expect to see some of you there!


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