January 12, 2013

Today was football day for the Courtney-Gallegos household! It started with a great breakfast at Flying Star  with our celebrated artiste, Aunt Pat.  Pat and I try and get together for some sort of Saturday date, at least once a month, and we were both really happy that “King” Edward was awake and willing to join us.  Just for the record, the Aunties adore Ed, and he loves them to pieces as well, he just REALLY likes sleeping in on the weekends and we tend to be a group of early risers.

During the course of breakfast, we were talking about the games coming on later, and I told Ed that I was amazed he didn’t have a 49er’s logo tattooed on him somewhere.  At which point he reveals that he really wants to have Joe Montana tattooed on to one part of his body and Jerry rice on the opposite side, so that he can make Joe throw a Jerry a touchdown pass.  I am assuming he was joking about that.  I really, really hope he was joking…

After our breakfast, we said goodbye to Aunt Pat and started off on the rest of our football day.  We ran to the store to get all the ingredients for game day snacks (pepperoni rolls and homemade salsa) and a few other items we were taking to our friends Niner party.  Then back home to do some cooking and football with the puppies.  (You have to be careful when you show my Saki dog a ball.  All balls belong to her.)

football with the puppies

Saki leaps to block the pass

The football game was a lot of fun until “King” Edward threw the ball into my full coffee cup.  Kids, this is why your parents tell you no ball in the house.  Eight paper towels later, the ball gets put away and the bread for the pepperoni rolls are done rising.  Yummmm….

Dough ready for Pepperoni Rolls!

Dough ready for Pepperoni Rolls!

Ed gets busy playing some Black Ops II for his pre-game warm up while I make the rolls.  If you have never had honest to goodness pepperoni rolls, you do not know what you’re missing. Check out the story behind this awesome culinary gift from the Gods here.  They are rumored to be from the same town in West Virginia I am from, so I guess that makes me pretty special too, right?. Soft white rolls filled with thick sliced wedges of delicious pepperoni, topped with olive oil and freshly pressed garlic….  Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

Once the rolls are out of the oven, its Ed’s turn.  I start watching the Ravens game and he gets chef duties.  Twenty minutes later we have a gallon (yes, a gallon) of Eddie G’s 66 Salsa ready for kickoff.  Homemade salsa with New Mexico green chile?  It doesn’t get better than that!

We headed out to Jacob and Cathy’s to watch the last quarter of the Ravens vs. Broncos, with me a nervous wreck, waiting for the game to end so I can relax.  Everyone else at the party is there to watch the following game, Green Bay at San Francisco.  And even though we were constantly switching back and forth, I still got to see the Ravens win in double overtime, and Ray Lewis collapse with joy.

After filling up on fajitas and rice, salsa and pepperoni rolls, the game day Niner Party got started in earnest.  We had Jayden, Justin, and Jordan joining us.  All of our boys are Niner fans.  It was a great night, a great game and everyone was happy with the San Francisco win.  I do not know what we will do if these teams face each other in the Super Bowl!

Niner Nation - New Mexico

Niner Nation – New Mexico

Charlie, the dog, was the only one not in their Niners uniform.  But he is not really a football fan.

What an amazing day, rounded out by two incredible games.  We were so lucky to have all our boys together, and to be able to eat, talk, cheer, and laugh together with them, and our dear friends.  Can’t wait for next weekend!


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