January 13, 2013

I may have mentioned that I get up early, even on my days off.  I may have also mentioned that not every living creature in my house sticks to the same “early to be, early to rise” plan.  So while I was up at 7:00 making coffee and taking care of puppies, a certain human and a certain feline were happy to while away the morning in blissful slumber.

This is actually ok with me, as I enjoy some quiet time to make coffee and get a few things done.  This morning was no different. After the dogs were fed and sent out to terrorize the bird population in the back yard, I made a pot of Godiva Hazelnut and started cleaning up the kitchen and running laundry.  By the time the cat and the King fell out of their comas (at and undisclosed time which is not even fit for decent people to know) I had a good start on the day and was feeling pretty energized.

Ed decided we should go out for…. “lunch”…. and try this place his friend had told him about, so out the door we go.  Well, after we watch highlights from the Niners game.  And after we watch pre-game for the Seattle vs. Atlanta game (or as my Jayden put it, the angry birds game.)  So after that, out the door we go to Vic’s Daily Cafe.  It was good, although I probably wouldn’t want to go every week.

After bre…. lunch, I went looking for food for the puppy. I want to keep him on healthier food, so I have been going to some of the smaller specialty local stores that specialize in pet care.  Do you know how confusing it can be to buy puppy food?  There are literally hundreds of brands.  You can feed your dog everything from chicken to ostrich, beef, buffalo, or bison.  Wheat-free, gluten-free, meat-free… Yeesh, I just want him to eat, grow big and strong, and be a happy dog. Where is the label that says that?

Puppy Vantage  image

Duke’s fancy puppy food. Had a great reputation and the store does a frequent buyer program. Its also right across the street and locally owned. Yay!

Puppy food in hand, and a new bowl to keep said puppy from inhaling his food, and now I need to go pick up a yoga mat for hot yoga tonight.  I know I told you about Cloud 9 Divine  a couple of weeks ago.  Tonight I went with my friend Cathy for the “Cosmic” yoga class.  As far as I can tell, “Cosmic” yoga means blacklights and an hour and a half of clothing drenching sweat.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!  NowI have to find something to wear that will look fun in blacklight, because my inner yoga child is about 12 years old.  As I was taking a breather somewhere between chaturangas  and tree poses, I lifted my head up and started to giggle; the girl in front of me had a pedicure that glowed neon orange and green and for some reason it absolutely struck me as hysterical.  It also got my butt off my mat and back into my practice.  So that moment of levity really was exactly what I needed.

After class, Cathy and I got back into the car and all the windows fogged up. We were driving down the street with the windows down on a night where it was 20 degrees laughing hysterically. I seem to find yoga extremely amusing.  And for that, I am so thankful.  I love a workout that leaves me sweating, and laughing!


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