January 14, 2013

Monday mornings are the price we all pay for excellent weekends.  This Monday was no exception, and it came on the heels of  a fitful night’s sleep.  I was so amped up from my yoga class, that I could not go to bed at my normal time.  The flip side of an endorphin rush, I guess.

Not a lot of priority things going on today, its just cold and busy.  Today I met Carley at the fitness center and we walked for a while on the treadmills.  This is one of my favorite ways to perk myself up for the day.  Walk it off.

Roasted Garlic Smashed Red Potatoes

Mmmmm….. potatoes

So, feeling a bit more energized and much more awake, I made it through the rest of my day at work and headed home to King Edward and the menagerie.  Tonight I am heading going to cook a meal that my nutritionist will not approve of at all.  Ed has been working in the 13 degree weather since 3 a.m. and I think that what is called for is comfort food.  Tonight’s menu is chicken breast breaded with Ritz crackers, baby red smashed potatoes with parmesan and garlic, and mac and cheese with broccoli.  Because adding broccoli to anything makes it health food.

Judging from the way his eyes were rolling back in his head, Ed seemed to like his dinner.  Every now and then its good to just throw out the diet and create a meal that is purely meant to satisfy.  Comfort food on a cold day is one of life’s little luxuries, and we tend to forget how important it can be.  I know I sometimes do.

What is your go-to comfort food on a cold day?


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