January 15, 2013

Hello Tuesday, how the heck are ya? Tuesday was COLD! So cold the dogs never got outside except for potty breaks.  When I left for work it was 8 degrees, and -0.8 with the windchill. YIKES!  That’s cold for Albuquerque. Not my favorite way to start the day.  

So after bundling up like Admiral Byrd in the Antarctic winter, I get in the car and off to work.  Apparently, many other, wiser people decided it would be a better idea to stay home. The drive was quick, the roads were empty, the parking lot emptier still. When I got into my building, I began to feel like one of the less intelligent lifeforms in the city, I was nearly all alone. This was going to be a long day…

I went to my Sculpt class and spent 45 minutes sweating, only to be freezing again by the time I got back to the car.   At 1:00 in the afternoon it had hit 20 degrees (woo-hoo) with a wind chill of… 12.  I may never warm up again.  Somehow I managed to make it through the day, and I was dreaming of hot tea and flannel pjs by 3:00 pm.

Finally home, and tonight feels like a Pinterest night.  This is where I scroll through my “Food for Thought” board and pick out a dinner idea.  Tonight the winner is “Oven Tacos!”  Check out the recipe.  Its pretty easy, and really yummy. Perfect for a chilly night in.  Check this one off the to-do list.

Oven Tacos (love these. My husband's "favorite taco ever". Made them exactly as written, and will do so many times over in the future.)

Oven Tacos – Mommy? I’m Hungry!

After dinner, we got a really wonderful surprise.  Ed’s son Justin stopped by to hang out and have dinner with us.  (See, I told you I make extra food for a reason!) and just to make my “King” Edward happy, we topped the evening off with hot apple pie, right out of the oven.  I love having the kids stop by and hang out with us.  Even when it wrecks my nutrition plan for the night.

Every time we get one of our last minute visitors, it makes me realize all over again, how blessed we are to have a home to come to and a place to share good food and warmth with those we love.  On a cold day like today, its is even clearer to me how much we have. Whether or not we have all the trappings that we think we need, like expensive clothes or fancy toys, we truly have everything already.  We have each other.


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