January 16, 2013

I missed my hoop class and nothing will feel right for the rest of the day. Well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but it definitely dropped my happiness meter for a few hours.  A 45-minute run on the treadmill perked me right back up.

Tonight we are celebrating Ed’s sister’s birthday. King Edward has a large, close-knit family, and we spend a lot time celebrating birthdays and holidays together.  I love getting together with the family for lots of reasons.  I adore his mom and auntie, I love his brother and sister, and of course his kids and the nieces and nephew. I also really like it when I don’t have to cook dinner.  That can really brighten up my day.

Tonight we gorged ourselves on baked ziti and enchiladas, along with numerous other yummies.  And while we were eating (and laughing, because there is always laughing) we talked about all kinds of things.  Amanda’s trip to New Orleans, the boys upcoming trip to Disney, Auntie’s Christmas, Courtney’s basketball game, Tyler’s classes for Spring , and of course football.  All of Ed’s kids are Niner fans, so the upcoming game has them all excited.  I am hoping for a Har-bowl, with the Ravens and the Niners!

After dinner we had coffee and watched part of the  Hunger Games.  Of course, making coffee requires special training at these events and only Amanda possesses the correct level of expertise to make everyone’s coffee come out perfect.  Each person takes theirs a little different.  I think that is how I knew that Ed was definitely the one for me.  He likes his coffee exactly the same way I do, which is essential for a good relationship.

Coffee with cream and one sweetener, please.

Have you ever noticed that?  How one little thing can make you feel more connected to a person?  Something as simple as how you take your coffee, or your favorite flavor of jelly beans can build an absolute bridge of acceptance with another person.  I guess we automatically admire people for the opinions they share with us.  It shows they have great taste after all.

I am always grateful for the things Ed and I have in common.  Although our differences draw out a lot of excitement in our relationship, the things we share are very special to me. Even the little things.  Like coffee. 



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