January 17, 2013

If you are a college student, or have a college student in your family, you may be able to relate to my blog today in a personal way.

I am lucky enough to be able to work part-time school around full-time work, and all the other important parts of my life.  Partly because my employer helps me pay for tuition, partly because I can take advantage on online classes.  But even with the help I get from both of those things, I would not be able to afford school if it weren’t for the ability to rent textbooks.

Psychology: An Introduction

Psychology: An Introduction

There are some pretty great textbook rental websites available to starving students today.  I have taken advantage of two.  Chegg, and Amazon both offer great options for students who need to find their textbooks at a price they can afford.  Chegg has a great program in place; for every textbook you rent, they plant a tree.  They also offer reviews of courses from colleges all over the country, and help students hook up with entrepreneurial and philanthropic programs.  Not too shabby.  You can rent or buy from Chegg, and they make returning the books you rent super easy.

Amazon, of course, has everything, and textbooks are just the tip of the iceberg.  Look up your textbook on Amazon and it will give you all the various options you have to choose from.  You can buy books new, used, kindle edition,  rent, or rent an e-book for many of the textbook titles.  If you buy a book from amazon, they will let you know what the value of that book at the end of your semester.  I bought one of books there last semester for $48 and at the beginning of this semester, they sent me an email saying they would buy it back for $22.  Amazon also offers their coveted Prime Membership to students, free for the first year, and at a reduced rate (like half) the following year.  All you need is a .edu email address.

Today, I signed in to my online classes and discovered that I didn’t need my Microeconomics book after all (BONUS!! That alone saved me $125).  I cancelled my order and rented my Psychology textbook from Amazon.  Instead of buying it from the campus bookstore for $114.95, I rented the book for $29.95.  I used my Prime Membership to receive it in two days with free shipping.  And I found my History book, used for $62, so overall I saved over $200 on textbooks this semester.  And Amazon gave me a $5 gift card for music downloads for each textbook I bought!

I love technology!

So, if you are a starving (or just a financially strapped) student, take advantage of these programs.  They will help you afford school AND food, and for that, you will be truly grateful.


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