January 19, 2013

Crossfit Saturday.  This is my other exercise addiction.  Crossfit.  The guys at Cantina Crossfit  have been hosting free workout in the park Saturdays for months now, and they recently have gotten their new location up and running.  Now that we are all addicted to the endorphin rush, our Saturday morning crew is coming back for more as often as possible!

This morning, Ed’s son Justin is coming with me for the first time!  He will be joining me and Carley and Jerome and the rest of the meetup group for a crazy hour of strength and conditioning.  I can’t wait!  Maybe now his Dad will believe me that I can be a beast when I work out!  I am  hoping that he can talk his sister and brother into coming next week, the more the merrier!

I got to use my new infuser bottle for the first time and I already love it.  This is what vitamin water should taste like!  And since I am always drinking water lately, it will be nice to have for after workouts. (Thanks HBE!)


Strawberry Cucumber… Yummmm!

After training (and sitting for just a few minutes, I mean that is a lot of work we just did right there!) King Edward took us to lunch at Il Vicino, where we ran into my Sculpt instructor and our friends Stephanie and Joe Turner.  I guess this is a popular place.  The iced tea was so good, I had  four glasses!  The food was great, the service was phenomenal, and good night nurse that chile olive oil is the bomb!

So after lunch I went to grab my stepson (read son, I always think of him as mine) Jay and we went out to check out the new Colin Kaepernick jerseys, because Jayden is also a Niners fan.  We talked to the guys at House of Football about what was coming in next week, and Jay lamented the influx of “Bandwagon” fans this close to the playoffs.  There was not  a lot of selection left for the Niners, or the Ravens for that matter.

We also finally exchanged gifts from Christmas. Jay and his Mom gave me an awesome scarf that Khristi crocheted.  I am going to need the pattern because I absolutely love it!  How amazing is this woman who lets me be a mom to her son, and a friend to her, long after Jay’s Dad is out of my life.  I am constantly in awe of how lucky I am to have them both and to count them as family.  For that, I can only thank you, Khristi!


Awesome gift from Khristi and Jayden!

I had a busy, wonderful Saturday.


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  1. I recognize the old folks in the background of the first photo!

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