January 20, 2013

Championship Sunday was a tense one for our household.  We headed out to meet friends and family to watch the first of two very exciting games of football.  18 years of Super Bowl drought weighed heavy in the room as we white knuckled our way through the first half.  At one point the silence was so tense that you could hear the wind through the trees outside.  I was a little concerned for our San Francisco supporters, they looked downright bleak.  I even heard someone say something about switching to a movie!

Once the 49ers were on the board with a touchdown, things got much better, there were cheers and jumping, backslaps and hugging, and high fives all the way around the room.  It was a great game, although the guys would have preferred less of a close game.  A win for the Niners takes them to the Super Bowl and that much closer to a sixth NFL title.  These guys are so happy!

A celebration Niner style!

After the San Francisco game came Baltimore at New England.  Also a knuckle biter.  And to the cheers of the Holter family, the Ravens will meet the Niners in New Orleans, for the first ever Brother vs. Brother head coaches in the Super Bowl.

I am excited to see these teams play, and no matter who wins, I will be very happy.  And very thankful that football season will be over!  Honestly, I can’t handle all this stress!  (Just don’t tell King Edward I said that.)

Aside from the fact that it was an amazing day in sports, it was also an amazing day.  Like springtime in January.  And a beautiful day in New Mexico is just about as good as it gets.  After the cold and the wind from last weekend, it was nice to enjoy the sun on my face and the knowledge that Spring is just around the corner.  I for one, can’t wait.


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