January 25, 2013

Yesterday was a good day.  Everything that was critical came off without, well maybe not without a hitch, but without anything major exploding.  High fives all around.

Today was also a good day.  For one thing, it was blissfully quiet!  And when I got out of the car in the morning, I could smell the storm coming in.  It may not sound so great to those of you in other parts of the country, but a storm with actual rain or snow is a big, big deal in the desert. So bring it on!

Kettlebells are a killer workout.

It was also a good day, because its Friday, and a short day at work.  Although, I still managed to get a lot accomplished, including an awesome MIIT workout with the indefatigable Callie, and some really good yoga  on the stability ball with Ann.  But, here is a tip, if you are going to a class with limited equipment, it doesn’t pay to get there last.  Carley and I ended up with 20lb kettlebells, and we were not prepared for that! (I normally use a 10 lb kettlebell.)  My arms are gonna kill me tomorrow…

Today I also got finished with my remaining homework for this week, sent two letters to my professors, took another quiz, and signed up for the “Beat the Market” simulator for Econ, effectively completing everything I can for week one of the Spring Semester.  Not too shabby.

When I was younger, a Friday night spent doing homework on the couch was not something to be happy about.  It almost never happened, since I could always something way more interesting than homework.  Now it is a welcomed occasion.  Homework done, bring on the weekend!  Do you hear that Jay, I finished my homework, how is your’s coming?

Do you have great plans this weekend?


One response

  1. Great going. Why there isn’t anything written for last 3 days. Looking forward to read your updates. Keep it going idabelle.

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