January 27, 2013

Sunday was an amazing day all around.  I slept in again (NICE!) and the king took me to “brunch” at our regular hangout, Garcia’s Kitchen.  Ed loves Garcia’s for the food, which is good and pretty close to home cooked New Mexican cuisine, but I love the restaurant’s atmosphere.  The food is good, don’t get me wrong, but the best part is the service.  I have never had anything but friendly service at Garcia’s.  They seem really happy to have us join them for a meal.  How refreshing is that!

Garcia’s Kitchen. AMAZING New Mexican food. Try the Huevos Ranchero.

After our breakfast/lunch, Ed decided to spend a little quality time with his Xbox.  Apparently double xp points are very valuable in the never ending quest to level up.  Whatever that means.  Since he was busy blowing up imaginary enemies of world peace, I decided to go grab myself some peace of my own.  I recently hit my 50lb weight loss mark and I had been looking for a way to reward myself.  I spent almost a month narrowing it down between a new Hoopnitica hoop, a Lululemon shopping day, or a spa day.  I chose the Lululemon.  I think it was the right choice!

If you have not Lulu’d get your yoga/running loving self over there!  The staff was great, the store is adorable, and the clothes… The CLOTHES! Sweet Mother Hubbard! The best active shorts I have ever tried on are the Lululemon Groove short.  So comfortable, so soft, and they fit like skin! Add to my new shorts, two very cute (and clearanced) tanks and I walked out a happy happy girl.

I ran home with my goodies and starting drinking water like a fiend.  I had to try out my new pretties at hot yoga tonight!  And they were sooooo comfortable.  I love the fit and I am happy to have them for my weekly practice.

Christmas with family. Grandma, Daddy, Uncle Gary, Emma, and Jacob

But the very best part of my Sunday came after brunch, after shopping, and after hot yoga.  The best part of my Sunday came when I got home and called my beautiful grandmother for her 88th birthday.  My grandma lives in Arkansas, so I don’t get to see her very often.  I was really glad to spend time with her and my Aunt, Uncle and cousin over Christmas, but I could always use more time with her.  She is a straight-up woman of steel.  Smart, self-sufficient, funny, devoted, and one of my personal role models.

Grandma said she had a great birthday weekend.  She spent time with friends and family and even got to stay in her pjs while a friend brought her breakfast.  It was good to hear her voice so full of happiness and joy.  I loved it.  I always love time with Grandma, even on the phone.  But even more than hearing her so happy, Grandma gave me the greatest gift.  I was talking with her about school when Grandma said she was proud of me.  I thought she meant about working to continue my education, but she went on to tell me that she was just proud of me.  How I had gone my own way and made my own life.  She said she knew it hadn’t always been easy for me, and that I had not done things the way others had expected, but that I never gave up and that she was proud. I don’t think anyone has ever given me a greater gift than that and for that, I feel truly blessed.  Thank you Grandma.  




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  1. Never lulu’d before. The ones you have purchased look to be good . Will soon Lulu and update how do i like it. Why don’t you post some pics of you in Lululemon?

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