January 28, 2013

How do you feel about needles?  I was lucky enough to start off my Monday morning with fasting bloodwork.  Fun, huh?  I woke up early, and got ready for work with all kinds of time to stop at Starbucks…. but wait, can’t eat or drink anything but water.  Well, shoot. Okay, fine.  I get into work at about 6:20 and get my computer set up, my planner out and open, and grab my coffee cup to go get…  nothing because I am fasting until my bloodwork at 7:45.    So, water it is.  I am now starting to really drool for my Greek yogurt that I can’t eat and my banana and apple that are in my bag. I think by the time I get to the medical building I am going to be so happy to see that needle, just because it will mean breakfast and coffee!

Phlebotomist’s dream or no… I hate needles!

Of course, that all falls apart when I actually get in the chair and the very friendly phlebotomist ties off my arm.  Every time I give blood the person who is taking my blood says the same thing.  “Wow, you have great veins!”  I guess this is a compliment, although I am not always sure how to respond.  I really don’t have such great veins, I am just so pasty white that my skin is nearly see-through.  Makes those veins pretty easy to spot, you know what I mean?  Anyway, I am all jazzed to get my blood work done and over with, so I can eat, until they actually tie off my arm and take out the needle. You see, I hate needles.

Now, I used to REALLY hate them.  Like, it would take several people to hold me down to take my blood, with me screaming and crying and trying to throw people around.  Of course, I don’t do that anymore.  Once you hit about 35 that sort of behavior just makes you look silly.  I was staring at the needle, listening to the phlebotomist compliment my transparent skin wishing for it to be over.  I didn’t squirm or scream.  I didn’t kick anyone or threaten to break anything.  And once it was over, I was so happy I hadn’t embarrassed myself that for a moment I forgot how hungry I was.

For a moment.

After 12 hours and 7 minutes of fasting for my blood work, my peach Greek yogurt, banana and coffee with fat-free creamer tasted better than cheesecake and chocolate!  I guess hunger is the best sauce.


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