January 29, 2013

Its almost the end of January already!  Where did it go?  Today was a day that was busy, busy, busy, busy! I have so much going on and I am getting into the groove of the new semester, along with all the fun projects unfolding at work.  It has been really crazy, and I have spent more than a few moments of sheer panic wondering if I can get it all done.  Wait, can I get it all done?

Where is my cape when I need it?

So I come home and clean the kitchen throw some laundry in to wash, play with the puppies, pick up the blankets in the living room, and start cooking dinner.  I think I told you already that I usually make extra, in case one of the kids stops by, and just like clockwork Justin calls his dad to say he is stopping by after work to pick up Ed’s poker chips.  Hmm…. It seems like this child has my stove low-jacked.  Coincidentally, his ETA is about 2 minutes after dinner will be ready.  I think I am going to check my oven timer for signs of surveillance.

Found this image here.

See! Told you I needed one.

The nice thing about having Justin join us for dinner, other than I simply adore all my kiddos, is that it forces me to stop, sit down, and just enjoy the company.  We had a nice dinner,  steaks and potatoes, steamed vegetables and a big salad.  (I also had a nice glass of wine.  What? I just had one!) It was a nice reminder that some moments need to just be lived, and not rushed through.  Appreciating the love of the people in your life and the warmth of any single moment is something we could all do a little more.  With my King Edward, and all five of our great kids (and their keen sense of meal timing) I look forward to many more moments to just like tonight.


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