January 30, 2013

YAY!  Today I get to go back to my hoop class!  It has been over two weeks since my last hoop class, and my favorite hoop instructor is back.  My Miss Rebekah is back in hoop this week also so double yay for that too! I think the best thing about hoop class, other than all my girls who come to class with me, is that its like recess. Middle of the week, middle of the day, 30 minutes to feel like a kid while you work on strength and balance.  Not too bad, huh? Seriously, grab a hoop and give it a try.

Along with hoop class, I actually did get a lot accomplished on Wednesday.  I got a great review from my boss, I worked on organizing my calendar, and checked off some big items off of the looming ToDo list that sits in my office.  The biggest of which was something I had been nervous about for about a month.

That’s the way to see it! Ta-Da, not To-Do!

Have you noticed that when you are afraid of an outcome, you will often avoid a problem.  Kind of like doing your taxes. You know you need to do them, but at some level you just can’t believe its going to end up being a good thing, so you put it off until the last minute.  I have a bad habit of doing that.  If there is a chance it won’t come out the way I like it, I am likely to avoid doing anything.  I know, its a failing of mine.  I work myself into a blind panic, just certain that its going to come out bad.  Today, I confronted that small fear.  And the result was so positive, that I felt a little silly for avoiding it to begin with.

As part of my year of thankfulness, I keep trying to let go of some of these things that are holding me back.  When I am afraid of something unknown, I need to stop writing the story with a negative ending and  write a good ending instead.  Our positive thoughts really do make a difference.  Today I felt empowered by letting go of that fear and that feeling of empowerment is one I get to keep for a long time.

What fear do you have holding you back from greater levels of happiness.  Do you think you can let go of that fear?


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