February 1, 2013

I love my Friday’s off!  Even if I do a lot of chores or homework, I get to do them on my time, from my couch, and with my puppies sitting beside me.  That is always a good day.

So this Friday I spent a little bit of time with my Psychology book, learning all about research methods and double blind studies.  Then off to Cloud 9 for some much needed hot yoga with my girl Carley.  Then back to the books to swim through a seemingly endless sea of homework, reading, and quizzes.

I love school.  I love it, I love it, I love it. No… really I do.

Spanish Chicken and Rice – I used the crock pot and it came out great!

But a Friday off is a gift, and one I definitely appreciate.  I didn’t always have them with this frequency.  I have been playing lots of catch up and working on blogs, laundry and getting the crock pot ready for dinner.  I am starting to think this thankfulness project may be a bit more than I expected.  But I am happy to say I find a new thing everyday that makes me remember how blessed I truly am.

I guess one of the things that I often forget to be grateful for are the little pleasures that I get to take advantage of every day.  Every day I wake up to a house that is warm and lit.  I have clothes that fit (sort of) and food to eat.  We tend to forget about the little everyday gifts of our modern life.

Tell me what you are most grateful for today.  What moment did you have that made you realize how lucky you are to be you and to have your life?



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