February 2, 2013

I am always up before Ed on weekends, and so I get some quiet morning time to drink my coffee and do little chores.  (It actually has to be quiet morning time, because when it is loud someone gets cranky.) So this morning I made the coffee and started cleaning in the living room, and to my surprise in walks my sleepy looking King Edward.  I was kind of stunned.  “Why are you up, I was being quiet!”  But he was up and in a pretty good mood too.  (Naturally I checked for signs of fever.) We had just about decided to go out for breakfast when Amanda call to say the new jerseys were in and could she stop by.

Let me explain, these jerseys are the 49er jerseys that several of them ordered for the big game, like the game is tomorrow big game.  Now, Ed has two jerseys already, but this one is black and has Frank Gore’s number, therefore it is super special.  Or so I am told. The gleeful expression on his face seemed to indicate some level of special was in the works.


King Edward and his boys

So Amanda swung by to drop off the new treasure and Ed was in complete heaven.  It is a rare occurrence to have new Niners gear and his youngest daughter over at the same time.  (Although honestly, I think he was more excited to see Amanda. All four of his kids are his air and his heartbeat.)  We decided to all go out to breakfast and ended up at the Range Cafe.  We don’t get there very often, and I am thanking Amanda’s presence for it.  It was also nice to be able to split a meal with someone who likes healthy food for a change!  I loved talking with Amanda about her little ones that she is a nanny for (she made the little girl an adorable red and gold tutu for the game.) Amanda has also been working really hard getting fit and she looks amazing!  She told us about her gym, and we talked about her job, and her plans for the future.  Ed looked so happy to be with his Amanda.  We will take our kids any day of the week, for any hours of the day they can give us.

In the afternoon, I went and picked up Jayden.  We headed out to Saggios for pizza.  I had plans to go to a Body by ViSalus party with Cathy, leaving Ed and Jay to go over endless strategy for tomorrow’s game, and blow stuff up on Xbox.  Between the endless football coverage of their favorite team and the murder-death-kill joy of Black Ops II, they were in a fairly good mood by the time I got home.  I have no idea how late they stayed up,  but it is nice that they are so close.  I know Jayden knows we love him, and that he always has a home with us.  I will take every minute of what is left of his childhood that he can share with me.  It is so satisfying and so heartbreaking to watch my little boy grow into a man.

There are moments that you realize that your life is really pretty full.  And walking in the door to Ed and Jayden playing Xbox and talking about sports, the puppies standing on the couch, waiting to jump at me as soon as I put my bag down, I realized that even though days like today are rare, moments like this one are not, I get hundreds of tiny moments of contentment every week, and for that I am truly thankful.



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