February 3, 2013

Last night I went to a shake party.  I went to a Body by ViSalus party to find out about their 90 day fitness challenge and try a bunch of delicious protein shakes.  My friend Cathy told me about them.   Actually, I wanted to hear about the product because I am always looking for new ways to add more lean protein to my diet.  I am also trying to build more muscle and the gentlemen who hosted the show is a competitive body builder and I thought he might be a good person to know.  It seems like a decent product, good nutritional value and about a million shake recipes to make my shake my way.  So I will give it a try and see how it goes.

This morning I woke up early and headed to the gym.  I needed a little cardio.  So I ran for about 5 miles and then headed home to find that the King of my castle had done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. (I pause for your stunned gasp of surprise.)  I walked out of the kitchen and must have looked crazy because the King recoiled from me in his throne.  I leaned over to give him a thank you kiss and throw my arms around him, when he stopped me.  Sweaty, you know.  So he got a quick peck on the cheek, I got a shower and changed into my Super Bowl gear, then we waited for the sleeping prince to awaken.  Jayden can sleep better than anyone I know.  Even better than Ed.

I spent the entire morning listening to nervous banter bounce back and forth about the coming Super Bowl.  These two were seriously psyched!  I was happy the Niners made it.  I was happy the Ravens made it.  It was going to be a game for the record books, I could just feel it!  But I was in no way as deeply invested as either of my men.  They looked like they were going to pass out or throw up at any moment.

ed and jay

Jayden and Ed talking about the game.

When we got to Deonna’s I realized there were more people in the same state of mind as Ed and Jay.  Justin and Jordan looked like they were bouncing off the walls in anticipation, everyone was in a Niner’s jersey (even me) and the cupcakes on the table were even red and gold.  Serious San Francisco love in this house!  It was nice to have all of the kids together, and to meet the family Amanda works for.  The food was delicious, the drinks were wonderful and the company was without peer.  A really great way to spend Super Bowl Sunday, America’s unofficial holiday.  With family.

And, it was a great game.  It came down to the final minutes and both teams gave a good fight.  But it was a sad group of people at the party when the game ended.  Although, plans for next season were already being discussed.  Because that is what a real fan does.  They just keep loving their team.  My King Edward and all of our kids love their team.  Just wait until next season!


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