February 16, 2013

What a crazy day today has been!   I woke up this morning really wanting to stay in bed.  In my nice warm blankets with my cuddly little sleepy cat.   I mean I really wanted to stay in bed. Really badly.  I have been tired all week long, in bed no later than 9:30 every night, and can’t find any energy.  So today, I just wanted to sleep.

Oh, but it’s crossfit day.  Now I really don’t want to get up!  But up I get, feed the dogs and make my breakfast shake, (protein, oatmeal, almond milk, banana, almond extract and frozen cherries.)  It was really good, but I probably won’t make it again for a pre-workout shake.  I think the cherries were too much.

I pulled up today’s workout, and thought again about going back to bed.  “There’s no way I have the energy for this!”  was all I kept thinking.

For time. My time was just under 40:00. Like 39:57 just under 40:00. But I finished!

Technically, I just barely had the energy.  I even managed not to throw up!  (definitely no cherries next time.) Which for a while there was not a certainty.  And it was awful, and exhausting, and empowering, and wonderful!  Which is why I keep letting these guys torture…. er, I mean train me every week.  Because no matter how shaking I am when I walk (or crawl, or roll) out of Cantina Crossfit, I am stronger than I was when I went in.  Talk about your motivation.

It usually takes me about two hours to settle down from my endorphin rush from working out.  Drives Ed crazy.  He keeps telling me to take a lap around the block.  So after lunch I played with the pups for a while, did a little reading, and then got ready for our evening.

Tonight the King and I went to a baby shower/pamper party for our friends Matt and Krystal.  They are having their first child, a little boy, next month.  Matt and Krystal are an adorable couple and they are so good together!  Their little Avery is going to grow up in a house full of love and laughter.  It was a great evening with lots of our friends, Ed and I even won the Baby Shower Bingo.  Although, why the women get candles and the men get miniatures of liquor is beyond me.

So now I am cuddled with the pups and watching King Edward destroy the enemy on Black Ops.  Tomorrow is another day to do some cleaning, and some school work.  Today was perfect just the way it was.  The opportunity to push my limits  and the opportunity to be surrounded by friends…Yeah, that’s a good day.


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