February 17, 2013

I love weekends.  Today I slept until 7:30!  It was a great feeling until I actually tried to get out of bed.  It was then I realized that every muscle in my body had banded together to stage a sit in.   Holy crossfit, Batman!  It hurt to even think about moving!  It took me three tries to get rolled over to where I could get out of the bed.  Then two more tries to stand up.  The swear the cat was laughing at me. (Of course she is usually laughing at me, but a little less obviously.)  Geez I hurt.  Its awesome!

Ok, so… No I am not crazy.  I really hate being incapable of rapid movement, but I really love what got me here.  Being able to actually complete one of these beastly workouts gives me a great feeling of accomplishment and power.  So, bring on the aches and pains, those are temporary.  The feeling of confidence and achievement sticks around a lot longer.

Today, Ed and I took the pups for a walk around the neighborhood.  It was a beautiful day and nice to be out with the furry kids.  Saki is really doing well, responding to commands and not barking at people or animals.  Duke, on the other hand, was a wriggling pile of legs and ears, trying to run in eight directions at once.  The King had quite a workout of his own, trying to get our little chocolate lab to stay calm, slow down, and listen.  Which is why I walked Saki.  I already had a killer workout this weekend.

It was nice, though.  A pretty blue sky, warm enough for just a sweatshirt, and being out of the house and doing something together.  Ed and I spend a lot of time near each other, but that doesn’t always translate into doing things together.  Every chance we get to be active, and truly enjoy doing something with each other, together, is a gift.  One I am always happy to receive.

mix your own frozen yogurt, 16 flavors to choose from.

Yummm…. Yogurt!

After walking the dogs, we went out to Menchies for Ed’s first frozen yogurt experience.  He seemed to really enjoy it too.  I guess cheesecake yogurt with cheesecake bites are good enough to overlook the whole “healthy for you” stigma of the yogurt itself.  I was sort of hoping that would be the case, but you never know.

Now that we had our (varying degrees of ) healthy snacks, we headed home.   Ed to blast through bad guys on Xbox, me to read all about perception and the way our senses work to create our interpretation of the world around us.  I will leave it to you to decide which is more exciting. I had a little time before heading to hot yoga -a new Sunday necessity- so I started reading a book I had waiting on the Kindle.  I have not had a lot of opportunity to get to some of the books in my “to be read” pile, so getting in a few pages was a nice bonus.  And, in case you are interested, the book I am reading is “Switch-How to Change Things When Change is Hard.”  It is a good read so far and was recommended by one of my fitness coaches, so I am looking forward to finishing it.

I was happy to get to hot yoga, and the heat and the stretching relaxed all those muscles who were still staging their protest.  After an hour in the hot room, I was able to move much better!  A nice way to end the weekend.  And a great way to start the new week. All in all, a rewarding couple of days.


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