February 24, 2013

Hello again everyone!  What a week its been.  I spent several days battling a stomach bug, which caused me to missed all my workouts except  a short treadmill workout with my buddy Rebekah and a round of Friday yoga.  Thank goodness I felt better by Saturday, because we had a big day planned in the Courtney-Gallegos household.

I finally got King Edward to agree to a round of Crossfit!  And not only Ed, but Amanda and Eric also decided to check out the coaches at Cantina CrossFit. This was a big deal for several reasons.  First, because it’s often a sign of miraculous events when Ed agrees to get out of bed before noon on a Saturday, and class was at 9:00, meaning he had to be up by 7:30 so he could fuel up and get ready.  Second, getting Ed to come to the gym with me has been a long, losing battle and this is my first victory!

I’ll take it!

This is just the warm up.

This is just the warm up.

I think everyone enjoyed their experience in the box, I know I did!  (I always do, its the sensation of impending nausea and the feeling of immobility the next day that make me question my sanity.)  It was a great turn out for the intro class, and although I loved it, I missed working out with my usual Saturday meetup group, and those guys rocked it on their WOD! Great job ladies, I will be back next Saturday!

So after beating ourselves into insensibility as a warm up, the King and I head home.  After Eric and Amanda headed out, we had a quick lunch of homemade red chili enchiladas, a la Edward, and then started the process of cleaning up the house.  The whole house.  We are having our quasi-annual Low Country Boil with all the kids tonight.

Enchiladas a la Edward

Enchiladas a la Edward

Cleaning the house entails a lot of sweeping and mopping and dusting and straightening and hiding various miscellaneous things that I simply don’t have the energy to figure out where they should really go.  Ed and I spent from 11:30 to 4:00 cleaning furiously, with a short break for prepping the Country Apple Slaw, as it needed four hours to chill.  Then bring out the enormous stock pot, and fill it with sausage, potatoes, corn, shrimp, crab, garlic, onions and crab seasoning…. Oh sweet lord, this is going to be so, so good!

By 5:30, the kids are starting to show, and the pot is boiling nicely.  By the time Justin arrived at 6:00 we are ready for dinner.  Jordan gave me a hand with the dumping of the pot, which is becoming a tradition of its own, and we sit down to a seafood extravaganza! (Plus slaw and Spanish rice on the side. Man does not live by crab boil alone.)  As he is recovering from surgery, Artur gets to sit next to me, since I am the master crab-picker and he is working with only one arm.

Low Country Boil

Low Country Boil

We followed up with dessert of pie and cake thanks to Jenna and Artur, and Amanda and Eric, and some coffee and conversation.  So much good food, laughter and happiness at this table.  Ed is in the best mood I have seen in weeks, and even seems to have forgiven me for taking him in for tortu… a workout this morning.

What a great day!  Crossfit, enchiladas, and a family tradition.  All six kids together, what a beautiful day.  I honestly am not sure what part of this day I am most grateful for, but I am humbled to have this many blessings in my life.  We love you guys and we are already looking forward to our next day together.



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