March 1, 2013

So this was a pretty big week!  Here’s how it went…

I have been really enjoying my Crossfit experience, and one of the coaches talked me into giving it a two week test drive.  Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday in the box.    My friend from the Saturday morning Meetups, Barbara, goes at that time also, so it worked out pretty good.   I was going to start last week, but got sidelined by the stomach bug.  So Monday, February 25, I headed over to Cantina Crossfit to start my new workout regimen.  Fear and Panic, followed by Pain and Suffering, with a healthy dose of Awe and Confidence to finish it up.  That is pretty much my experience.  I freak out panic all day that I won’t be able to do what they ask of me, then I push as hard as I can to be able to do it.  At the end out each session I am amazed that I was able to achieve the goal for the day, even if I finish dead last, or have to scale back for my strength.  Crazy, huh?


Monday’s W.O.D.

So, my first weekday workout, and they are doing squats, and presses, and pullups.  Weightlifting and Ida lifting all at once.  (I won’t tell you which is harder, but the weighted bar was only 45 pounds, so I am sure you could guess. Just not out loud please, I do have my pride.)


Monday’s new skill. This is why I feel amazing after Crossfit. That really is me!

This week was also really homework intensive.  Microeconomics is becoming my chief academic nemesis, and the sheer volume of reading involved in Psychology and History is starting to overwhelm.  Although I have a much better understanding of ancient civilizations and what perception really means…. I am still a little rocky on our to understand the marginal cost of something as related to the number of units to produce, but I am working on it.

Tuesday I did go to the sculpt and strengthen class at lunch, and it kicked my butt because I was still tired from Monday night, so I may not do that again!  But we will see.  Wednesday, hoop class where I am still working on isolations and  my new direction change move, then back to the box where Barb and I had a lot more company than on Monday.  Three younger women, and a couple whose children sat quietly doing their homework while Mom and Dad worked out. It was another tough workout, but I am starting to get the sneaking suspicion that the whole point is to make it tough.  And they are doing a fine job of it if that is the case.


Wednesday workout. Double-unders really do suck!

I came in with the last time for our group, but I really don’t mind.  The interesting thing about recording your time or reps for the workout of the day, it seems like you would compete against everyone else, but you don’t.  Well, not really.  Because even though everyone is doing the same workout, each person has a different level of achievement or progression, so you are only ever really competing with yourself.  I know there is a gripping metaphor for life their somewhere, but I will let you find your own version of it, it should be scaled to your own existence, just like this workout was scaled to mine.

I did try and study a little on Wednesday night, but it seemed my attentions were needed elsewhere…


Saki felt I had studied enough today.

Thursday I managed to finish all of my homework, get quite a bit of work done, clean the kitchen, take a 50 minute walk with my Miss Rebekah and still have coffee with my girls Toni-Lei and Stephanie.  It has become increasingly hard to find time for all three of us to get together, and we are now down to about once a month.  Toni’s business is really starting to pick up with her real estate and property management business, Couture Brokerage, and Steph has a handful with working crazy hours and watching her grandson several times a week.  But it is nice that we all have a chance to get together even if its limited, and more importantly, that we still work to find time together.

Friday was my day off (yay!) and I took the opportunity to sleep in until almost 7:00 a.m. before getting up to feed the puppies and then start my day of leisure. I did hit the scale first, and check it out!


2.8 away from my next marker!
Dig my awesome socks. I have them in six colors….

I am now only 2.8 pounds away from my next weight goal.  This has taken over a year and I am super excited to think I will hit 150!  Now I can work on strength and conditioning, you know, in case of a zombie apocalypse…

Friday morning I met my friend Alyssa for tea at Figments Tea Shoppe and we had a pot of their delicious chocolate raspberry truffle black tea.  And since we were in the tea shoppe and enjoying a pot over scones, we had to find the perfect tea party hats as well.  Luckily, Figments supplies a nice variety to pick from.

A Friday morning Tea Party

This week was busy, and a little overwhelming.  But it was also very rewarding, and filled with accomplishment.  Its nice that we can balance that sense of panic and pressure with an appreciate of achievement and joy.  I think that is what makes our human existence so unique, the limitless amount we can feel and experience at any given time.  I know I am grateful that I can carry both drive and contentment with me throughout my life.

See you all soon, have a great week, and try and find a moment for a spot of tea! (I have a great hat you can borrow.)



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