March 15-22, 2013

Women of CrossFit
St. Patrick’s Day WOD

As my school semester gets more complicated, the time I get to spend on things that are not (1) Work; (2) School; or (3) Family/Home has gotten shorter and shorter.  Throw into that mix the puppy, all my training goals, and trying to find time to finish our taxes and you get the image of a woman at her wits end.

That’s not really true of course.  The truth is, although I have not had a chance to sit down and blog daily lately, I am still on an amazing journey of gratitude and thanksgiving.  Its the little things, after all, that make living into a life.

Yeah, I finally got one!

Here is a little thing, I finally got my Keurig coffee maker!  I have been wanting one of these for about 5 years now, and I found this little read one on sale at Kohls  for $80 (with my coupon).  I spent three days playing with it, before I realized I was wasting K-cups and if I wanted that much coffee I should just make a pot.  Before you ask, yes I got the red one, and it looks perfect in my kitchen!

Another little thing, I spent about 3 hours on Friday working on my Irish Music playlist.  You have no idea how much happiness I get from listening to the Irish fiddle and the lilting brogue of Makem and Clancy.  Spending an hour dancing around my living room like the “Lord of the Dance’s” accident-prone cousin just makes me happy and it entertains the cat. (At least until I stepped on her tail in a frantic bout of Irish Jig-ing.) I ended up with a nice mix of Irish folk, punk, and metal, and I felt ready to show my Irish pride.

Box Jump!

Saturday was I dragged my friend Mechem to Cantina CrossFit and watched her face go from fear to disbelief to sheer joy as she had her first go at CrossFit training.  I watched her eyes light up that moment that she realized she could do so much more than she thought she could. It makes me happy to see someone else fall in love with this sport. She will definitely be back.

And after CrossFit, I got to grab a beer with my friends, have some coffee with my Auntie, and spend the afternoon with Ed as he looked for the perfect RV with which to live his camping, hunting, and fishing dreams.  We had a little lunch and even treated ourselves to dessert from the Flying Star. (Try the Naranja!)

It was nice to wake up on Sunday and have a little quiet with my coffee. (My awesome Keurig K-cup coffee!  Woo hoo!) As a special treat, I made “Gringo” breakfast for King Edward and myself.  Fresh eggs from my friend Alyssa’s chickens, potatoes O’Brien (it is St. Patty’s day) turkey sausage and 9-grain toast.  No chile anywhere.  No tortillas.  Strictly East Coast style.  And I even gave the King the last of the O.J.

I got a lot of homework done, got a lot of puppy cuddles with both the dogs, and even made it to hot yoga with my girl Carley and her fiancee Jerome.  Not bad for a rest day!

This week, I have been busy at work, busy with school, busy with home, and busy moving my butt.  I started a new fitness challenge with my friend Rebekah, and I know that what I get from my training at CrossFit will really give me a plus. I still manage to find some serenity inside my hoop, at least once a week.  And I am enjoying getting back outside to walk during my work day.

The King and I celebrated not feeling like cooking with a trip to the Samurai Grill.  And last night we cheered on the Lobos in their March Madness appearance against Harvard, at BWW.  They lost, but they had a great season.  And it was definitely a win for me.  I got to spend time with some of my favorite people on this Earth.

So there you have it.  A wide assortment of little things.  Nothing fancy, nothing over-the-top.  Little things that make the big impact of bringing me happiness, making me smile, and reminding me that a life is more than the time you spend living.  Life is about recognizing the joy that living brings you.

Love hoops and happiness everyone!


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