April 12, 2013

Well, I am definitely getting busy with work! Actually, that is just fine with me, I like to be busy and the upcoming program review has kept me (and a small army of other people) hopping with work to keep up. As happy as I am to be busy, I honestly can’t wait for it to be over as I have been stressing over it since the day I took the job! Two more weeks, and then I am going to sleep for three days… And start obsessing over some other thing with a deadline and a high level of stress that my crazy boss has gotten himself into.

The semester is almost over (yay!) and I only have a few more assignment, a 5 page paper, 3 shorter papers, 5 quizzes, 3 psych studies, and a final exam. Yeah, that’s barely anything… Cake.

I did get my mid-term back from my Microeconomics class. And let me tell you, this was a Herculean effort to complete. I have been working on this project for a month and I flat out thought I would fail. This professor is TOUGH! I didn’t fail, I got 215/200, so not too shabby. My gosh I will be glad when this class ends. It has been soooooo stressful! I will say, however, that the “A” I earned on this project is one of the ones I am most proud of in my second scholastic career.


We certainly do…

I had some great box time this week. A work out with Angie and Tea is always fun! And, of course, my girl Barb pushes me to do my best every single time! What was really awesome this week? I had the chance to work with all three of the Cantina Coaches. I tend to see a lot of Dustin on weeknights, but I actually got to work with Chad and Mike this week too. It was great to have the benefit of all the guys and their input on my performance.  They are all pretty amazing coaches, and really great guys.

I had a nice coffee/tea date with my girl Toni-Lei and walked the park with my girl Rebekah too. I had more lessons in wielding a stick, and got to talk to Daddy on the phone. (Which is a big deal, beacause the Masters was on, and he didn’t even seem to be angry that I had interrupted golf watching!)

Today I even threw a little dirt around and planted some more flowers, and got to greet my King Edward at the door when he got home. I would say I am pretty happy. Why not? I have friends, family, and a beautiful series of little moments to cherish.

I have a good life, and I am lucky enough to recognize it. 



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