April 17, 2013

Have you ever wished that you still had that same sense of wonder that you did when you were a child?  When you grow up, you stop seeing things as magical and start seeing them as logical.  We seem to train our bodies and brains to do the exact opposite of what we should do.  We train ourselves to eat for convenience instead of for fuel or nutrition.  We train our bodies to rely on machines instead of our own strength and flexibility.  And we train our minds to rely on what we see as fact, on logic and science and dogma, as we ignore the inner voices that see pictures in clouds and turns cardboard boxes into sailing ships.

Today, two things happened to help me see the wonder in the world.  First, I went to hoop class.  Surprised?  Spending 30 minutes inside a hula hoop is not just exercise, its recess.  When you are hooping, you are going to be smiling, even if the hoop falls a lot.  Even if every else looks like they are doing it better.  Because you are moving around shaking your body like you did when you were a kid.  Hooping is good for your soul.  It lets you see the world like its full of magic and wonder, just like when you were young.

Me too Soolah Hoops!

Second, I gave my cat a bag.  Yes, you read that right.  If you have a cat you need no further explanations.  If you don’t, let me tell you of the magic that is a cat and her paper bag.   Cats love things that crinkle and rustle.  They love to jump in and out of boxes and bags and drawers and cupboards and, well, you get the idea.  When you give cats “cat toys” they will be interested in them for a while, but then the magic fades and they either destroy the thing or ignore it completely.  But a big paper bag?  That is kitty crack

I am like a shadow….

A crazy, psychotic shadow!

There is nothing on this earth like a cat in a paper bag to make you realize that there is joy and wonder to be found everywhere.  Inside the hoop, or in a bag, go find some magic and stretch your imagination.  See the wonder in your world.


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