April 21, 2013

This Friday I picked up my stepson after work and he spent the weekend with me.  This is a joy I don’t get very often, so in terms of my journal of thankfulness, we could just stop right there.

But we won’t.  Because we had so much fun together that there is a lot more to be thankful for.  Jayden and I went and picked up food for dinner and when we got home, he and King Edward and I all made dinner together.  That was a lot of fun!  We had a nice dinner, watched a movie, hung out with the puppies and generally just enjoyed each other’s company for an evening.  Jay and I talked about him coming to work with me next week, and about him coming to crossfit with me as well.  I am always so happy to have him around.  His presence makes the house feel more like a home.

Saturday, I intended to go in to work for about three hours, but I was there for five and a half, and could easily have stayed longer.  I will be glad when this review is over and my stress level goes back to normal.  While I was working, the guys ran around doing errands, getting lunch, and doing guy stuff.  I came home to a bathroom door that would open and close without sticking and a toilet that flushed correctly (also a mess of sawdust, trash all over the kitchen which was strewn with dirty dishes, and dogs that still needed fed.)

We did a little more running around, went out for dinner, and then the old people were exhausted.  The young person (who claims to be going through a growth spurt) ate non-stop from sun-up to sun-down.  I  can only sit in amazement and watch.  I watched him eat three brats for dinner, then cheesecake for dessert, followed by half a loaf of sweet bread for breakfast, chased down with chili cheese dogs, potato chips, more cheesecake, huevos rancheros, half of my dinner, and still come home like he could eat.  I just shook my head and laughed.

And then on Sunday, I took Jayden out for his first driving lesson in a standard transmission.  He was a little overwhelmed at first, and very nervous.  He stalled the engine a lot, which is normal.  And he had a little panic moment when a truck drove behind us.  But overall, he did great!  Way better than I did on my first lesson.  I think he will be fine with driving a stick, and I am so proud that he just kept trying, and never gave up.  By the end of the first lesson, he was really starting to get it.

Photo: First driving lesson in a standard, and he did great!

Learning the fine art of driving.

And now to finish up my homework, and head out to hot yoga.  This has been  a great weekend.  Everything from making dinner as a family to passing down the driving lessons taught to me by my Daddy is a small blessing that I am grateful to have. 


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