June 3, 2013

Have you ever noticed that a lot of prep work goes into how Monday is going to feel?  Most Monday mornings are a mixture of disbelief and despair.  Disbelief the weekend went by so fast, and despair that you have 5 days and nights to get through to get to the next one.

I have noticed that if I end Sunday with a session of hot yoga, I can often greet Monday with a little less resentment.  If my Saturday was filled with something other housework, it will go a long way toward a blissful Monday as well.

This weekend was a perfect example.  Friday night with the King’s family and a fantastic game of cards.  (Fantastic mostly because I won.) Good food and warm and welcoming company is a great way to spend an evening!  Then up early to fuel up for CrossFit, where my Miss Rebekah joined me to try her beast mode skills.  She did great! and I was happy to finally get her into the box. Of course she hated the wall balls, but honestly, who doesn’t?


Psychedelic bowling…..

Saturday night we went to the bowling alley with my friends Carley and Jerome, and some people from work. It was a lot of fun, and I only threw the ball backwards once, and their were no reported injuries. I actually didn’t do too bad for someone who has only bowled about eight times in their life. (Yes, I know, I live next door to a bowling alley! I never go, what can I say.)

Sunday morning we celebrated King Edward’s birthday yet again. This time we were treated to brunch prepared by his daughters and their boyfriends. It was wonderful! His girls are amazing young women, and I am thankful to count them in both my family and my blessings.

Unfortunately, Ed is getting a little too used to the attention, so hopefully this will end the birthday festivities.

After brunch I was able to convince Ed to go to a nursery to look at plants. We spoke to a really helpful guy at Jackalope, and got some great ideas for the yard.  We also got some valuable advice about the benefits of xeriscaping and how long to wait before planting in the newly fertilized earth.  Then we took a little drive looking around looking for the kind of tree the king wants in the front yard.  Its called an umbrella catalpa, by the way.

Umbrella Catalpa – a super shady tree with ginormous leaves.

And of course the evening wrapped up with hot yoga. Blissful and energized for Monday, I am able to find a little gratitude for the end of the weekend.  At least I should get a little rest at work!


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