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January 21, 2013

The first day of school when you are 40 is different than when you are 14.  You expect different levels of achievement at 40, for one thing. You have a greater financial investment for another.  (You still have to, you know, pay your bills and feed yourself.)  You also have a greater level of pride attached to returning to school, at least I do.

Hitting the books again was really strange when I started back to school at 35.  I had never been a bad student, but I had also never been a very dedicated one (sorry Mom and Dad) so the idea of going to school was a little daunting.  It took me five years to get my AAS in Business Administration.  When I was done, I decided to continue on to get my Bachelor’s, which leads me to today.  And although I am happy to have the opportunity to finally get my education, sometimes I  think I must be insane. Who’s idea was this anyway?

Check out the killer shoes! Ignore the weeds, though.

Oh, right, mine. My first homework assignments are due this week, and I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  But, I just need to get into the groove and get started.  It will keep me out of trouble. (Insert wry smile and slightly crazed sounding chuckle here…)

So this is my second semester at NMSU (GO AGGIES!!) and I am playing a little bit of catch up.  I may be a little overwhelmed, but I am so loving being a university student at long last.  Every class I take, every assignment I turn in, is one less that stands between me and my degree.  That’s pretty awesome! Of course, it will be more awesome to finish before I turn 45. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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