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May 31, 2013

Its been a while.  Have you guys missed me?  I promise, I haven’t stopped being thankful for my everyday blessings, I just haven’t sat down to formulate them lately.  Here is why…

After ripping out the yard, we had to do something.  I expanded my garden to about three times its previous size.  My Aunt Pat accompanied me out to Edgewood to check out Parker’s Farm.  Here is a hint for you… It was AWESOME!  They had great plants, a beautiful back yard garden, and friendly people. The drive out was deceptive.  Mile after mile of windswept dirt and scrub, all the way to the gate, then once you turn the corner, BAM! Eden.  Take my advice, go see for yourself

Box time has become a precious commodity to me lately.  I have really started to see a lot of improvements in my physical strength, which of course makes me want more!!!  I have really come to see the people at Cantina CrossFit as family, and the box as a second home. I am “this close” to achieving my first CrossFit goal.  I have been trying to get to the point where I can do an unassisted pull-up.  When I started, I was on the highest level of band (it basically was a slingshot) and I am now to a point where I barely need the lowest level band.  I practice this one thing more than any other, and my callused hands are proof!  I will get there, its only a matter of time.  Then on to the next goal: the handstand pushup!

I spent some time in the kitchen, cooking dinners (some we shared with Justin, our #1 surprise dinner guest!) and even baked some cookies for the King.  This recipe you see is one I made to share with the people at Cantina.  Sweet Potato Recovery Bars.  I wasn’t completely sold on these, but everyone else loved them!  Give them a try.  If you are looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, these are chock full of healthy.  And the smell of the coconut flour as I was sifting it…  Seriously, the smell of the flour…. Heaven!

I participated in a fitness day and then a week later, in a walk and donation drive for care packages going to our troops.  Both events were sponsored by my work.  I love working in a place where they see my health as important.  Both of these events were tied to our preventative health program, which helps us earn money to spend on doctor visits throughout the year.  I was very pleased to see the number of donations that our “Walk for Warriors” had collected as well. I know that these little comforts of home make all the difference to our deployed heroes.

Over Memorial Day, we celebrated King Edward’s birthday by spending the weekend at the lake with friends.  The guys did some fishing, the women did some relaxing, we all ate too much, and I got in a great workout by the lake and some sunrise yoga on the deck.   Our “what-is-becoming-an-annual-trip” was a nice break from reality.  The temps were pretty near perfect to be outside enjoying the world around us.

Tonight, we spent the evening with Ed’s family.  His Aunt and cousins from California were in town, and we were able to celebrate his official birthday family style.

So, as you can see, it was a busy few weeks!  And through each day I was happy, healthy, and engaged in the my world.  I love Spring. It gives you a chance to reconnect to your own sense of awakening, and to find joy in everything from surprise garden spots, to callused hands, to the aroma of coconut flour.  Everyday life is always full of small blessings, if you know how to see them.

Love hoops and happiness everyone.


Named Best Trips 2013 – National Geographic

Named Best Trips 2013 – National Geographic.

Added to the Bucket List!

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