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April 21, 2013

This Friday I picked up my stepson after work and he spent the weekend with me.  This is a joy I don’t get very often, so in terms of my journal of thankfulness, we could just stop right there.

But we won’t.  Because we had so much fun together that there is a lot more to be thankful for.  Jayden and I went and picked up food for dinner and when we got home, he and King Edward and I all made dinner together.  That was a lot of fun!  We had a nice dinner, watched a movie, hung out with the puppies and generally just enjoyed each other’s company for an evening.  Jay and I talked about him coming to work with me next week, and about him coming to crossfit with me as well.  I am always so happy to have him around.  His presence makes the house feel more like a home.

Saturday, I intended to go in to work for about three hours, but I was there for five and a half, and could easily have stayed longer.  I will be glad when this review is over and my stress level goes back to normal.  While I was working, the guys ran around doing errands, getting lunch, and doing guy stuff.  I came home to a bathroom door that would open and close without sticking and a toilet that flushed correctly (also a mess of sawdust, trash all over the kitchen which was strewn with dirty dishes, and dogs that still needed fed.)

We did a little more running around, went out for dinner, and then the old people were exhausted.  The young person (who claims to be going through a growth spurt) ate non-stop from sun-up to sun-down.  I  can only sit in amazement and watch.  I watched him eat three brats for dinner, then cheesecake for dessert, followed by half a loaf of sweet bread for breakfast, chased down with chili cheese dogs, potato chips, more cheesecake, huevos rancheros, half of my dinner, and still come home like he could eat.  I just shook my head and laughed.

And then on Sunday, I took Jayden out for his first driving lesson in a standard transmission.  He was a little overwhelmed at first, and very nervous.  He stalled the engine a lot, which is normal.  And he had a little panic moment when a truck drove behind us.  But overall, he did great!  Way better than I did on my first lesson.  I think he will be fine with driving a stick, and I am so proud that he just kept trying, and never gave up.  By the end of the first lesson, he was really starting to get it.

Photo: First driving lesson in a standard, and he did great!

Learning the fine art of driving.

And now to finish up my homework, and head out to hot yoga.  This has been  a great weekend.  Everything from making dinner as a family to passing down the driving lessons taught to me by my Daddy is a small blessing that I am grateful to have. 


April 17, 2013

Have you ever wished that you still had that same sense of wonder that you did when you were a child?  When you grow up, you stop seeing things as magical and start seeing them as logical.  We seem to train our bodies and brains to do the exact opposite of what we should do.  We train ourselves to eat for convenience instead of for fuel or nutrition.  We train our bodies to rely on machines instead of our own strength and flexibility.  And we train our minds to rely on what we see as fact, on logic and science and dogma, as we ignore the inner voices that see pictures in clouds and turns cardboard boxes into sailing ships.

Today, two things happened to help me see the wonder in the world.  First, I went to hoop class.  Surprised?  Spending 30 minutes inside a hula hoop is not just exercise, its recess.  When you are hooping, you are going to be smiling, even if the hoop falls a lot.  Even if every else looks like they are doing it better.  Because you are moving around shaking your body like you did when you were a kid.  Hooping is good for your soul.  It lets you see the world like its full of magic and wonder, just like when you were young.

Me too Soolah Hoops!

Second, I gave my cat a bag.  Yes, you read that right.  If you have a cat you need no further explanations.  If you don’t, let me tell you of the magic that is a cat and her paper bag.   Cats love things that crinkle and rustle.  They love to jump in and out of boxes and bags and drawers and cupboards and, well, you get the idea.  When you give cats “cat toys” they will be interested in them for a while, but then the magic fades and they either destroy the thing or ignore it completely.  But a big paper bag?  That is kitty crack

I am like a shadow….

A crazy, psychotic shadow!

There is nothing on this earth like a cat in a paper bag to make you realize that there is joy and wonder to be found everywhere.  Inside the hoop, or in a bag, go find some magic and stretch your imagination.  See the wonder in your world.

April 14, 2013

Spring is finally here.  I can tell Spring is here, because we started ripping up the front yard, cleaning out the back yard, and planting flowers in every place we have something resembling soil.  Better weather also means more chores around the house.  Don’t you love it?

Saturday saw me at the box bright and early.  Miss Carley had made her return and remembered that she is the bomb and can totally rock a workout.  (Something I think she had forgotten, at least inside the box.)  My friend Mechem also came out for her second visit to Cantina CrossFit.  I guess she really likes it, she joined the same day!  I didn’t get the chance to stay for the regular workout on Saturday, which was disappointing.  Saturday was a Hero WOD in honor of former U.S. Navy SEAL Glen Doherty.  A hero WOD is usually pretty tough, and very, very special.  I wish I could have stayed for this one.

What I did instead was meet King Edward in the front yard, still in my workout gear, and shovel rock.  Lots and lots of rock.  We are repairing the damage done to our yard from the broken water main and its repair.  You may remember the water main story, it was the “P-word” disaster directly after the shower and sprinkler system debacle.  No?  Does this help?

Trenched through the yard.

Or maybe this?

All the way through the yard.

So now we have to repair the damage done to our sprinklers system, and therefore the yard and flower bed it once supported.  Say, are you free over… the next three weekends?  Maybe you could come and help!  What’s that?  You are already busy?  Oh, ok, I understand.

Don’t get me wrong, the weekend wasn’t all working out and working.  Saturday evening I spent with some very good friends at a baby shower for my friend Stephanie’s daughter.  Stephanie is about to be a Grandma again, and this time she is getting a granddaughter.  She did a beautiful job on the party, all in a butterfly theme, and put Martha Stewart to shame in the crafting of the decorations and the party favors.  I myself walked out with a tiny bottle of honey, a tiny baby bottle filled with candy, and a hard candy lollipop with wildflower seeds and pink and purple seed pods, all decked out with the baby’s name and instructions where needed.  She is going to have a lot of fun with this little girl!  (And I got candy, BONUS!)

Sunday was more relaxing. Well, after the six hours of homework that the morning presented.  King Edward and I took a quick trip to the dump to get rid of the debris from Saturday’s yard work.  Then we went to lunch and to pick up food for the puppies.  Earthwise Pets is awesome, they keep track of the dog food and treats that we buy so we always know what we are getting.  They also have a loyalty program so you earn $$ off as you go.  Sunday I needed two bags of food for two hungry doggies, and I had earned one free bag, plus $5 off the other.  Not bad!  That paid for our lunch!

I love my weekends.  I love unexpected front yard beautification projects, and butterfly party favors.  I love spending time with people I adore and watching them enjoy each other too.  I love a surprise lunch, and the occasional surprise bargain. (I really do love a bargain, just ask anyone.)  And I love the fact that I am blessed with each of these little gifts, and with the ability to recognize them and give thanks.

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